In this digital age, the demand for high-quality content is constantly growing. This of course makes it easier to make content marketing mistakes. Knowing how to properly market your content is especially important for your business. The more you engage in social media, the more you’re able to connect with your audience in a way that you haven’t been able to before. Yet, content marketing can’t be robotically generated. It has to be organic, unique content to be successful.

Learn from these common content marketing mistakes:

Welcoming all guest-blogging opportunities

In the past, guest blogging used to be beneficial for businesses. Today, this strategy can actually hurt your business. As a content marketer, do your research to make sure that the publication looking for writers doesn’t publish low-quality content. Hone your skills in on a website that will help you utilize your skills best.

Sounding overly promotional

Your customers are people, too; therefore, you don’t have to constantly advertise to them to connect. You should be using your content marketing skills to give a voice to your brand to best connect with your audience. Make sure your content emulates an interesting, even personal, story that accomplishes two things: speaks of your brand and asks for a response in return.

Ignoring other sites’ SEO

You’ve mastered your own website’s SEO. Now what? Don’t ignore other sites that you may be connected to or are interested in connecting with in the future. It’s important to keep on good terms with Google. First, do a little background check on the sites you’re interested in associating with. Secondly, find out if the site has the proper domain authority.

Reusing content too often

Take your time when creating content. Careful thought and creativity goes a long way in the content marketing world. Too much reposting can be seen as spam by your audience. However, it can be helpful to post an article around lunch time and again in the evening, since your audience is online at different times. You can also choose to supplement your posts with related content or retweeting when relevant. The most important thing is to gauge the size and activity of your audience to see how often you should post or repost.

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