These days, digital marketing agencies are plentiful. For established companies, digital marketing is an industry filled with growth. For newcomers, it’s a competitive space…unless something about your product or service has a clear advantage. It all boils down to finding a specific niche and taking extra care of your clients. If this is your goal, the following four steps will help.

1. Research different industries that are booming.

When choosing a niche, make sure it’s a thriving industry. Some niches seem appealing because there aren’t many marketing agencies catering to that space, but there’s probably a reason for that. It’s possible that potential clients in that niche either don’t need or can’t afford digital marketing services. Figure out which industries are doing well by looking at the stock market and keeping an eye on the news. It’s also a good idea to talk to people at networking events. Chatting with other entrepreneurs will help you get an idea of industries that are doing well but aren’t already overwhelmed with marketing agencies. Once you find a niche that feels good, dive in!

2. Take extra care of your clients.

Once your niche is solidified, stick with it. It might be tempting to take on outside clients who want to hire you, but this will dilute your ability to establish dominance in your industry. Spend your time going after clients who will help you build a firm foundation for your business. Yes, you might be missing out on some extra cash…but building a strong platform of expertise will financially pay off down the road.

3. Seek to impress.

Once your first client has signed on, aim to go above and beyond. Offer them as much as you possibly can. Use your creativity to offer more value than other agencies would. This will quickly lead to word-of-mouth and client referrals. Your first few clients are the most important because their satisfaction will determine the quality of their testimonials.

4. Show your power with testimonials and data.

As your client list continues to grow, track data on what you’ve done for them. Instead of just saying that you have power in your particular niche, prove it with positive testimonials, numbers, and data. Make sure your figures are as specific as possible. Request that clients give detailed feedback on the services you did for them. This information from past clients carries a lot of credibility with new clients. After you’ve collected your data, use it as often as you can. Include it on your website, and provide it to potential customers who are curious about your business.

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