You might be a successful lawyer, but are you advertising your talent efficiently? In this day and age, an effective digital marketing strategy is absolutely necessary. Here are six tips to help you increase the online visibility of your law firm.

1. Define your goals.

First things first: You need a plan! Define your goals, the actionable steps that will get you there, and the people responsible for taking care of those actionable steps. Include a purpose, strategies, tactics, and metrics that will help you determine if you’ve met your goals or not.

2. Figure out your target audience.

Research your audience’s income, demographics, and employment. Know what they’re looking or in terms of forums, websites, and social platforms. This will help you efficiently market your law firm to the correct people. Visibility to your target audience is key.

3. Optimize your website.

A clean, well-designed website will put you ahead of your competition. Clients expect excellence and professionalism, so get creative. Make sure your navigation is clear and easy-to-understand. This will result in more conversions. Implement SEO (search engine optimization) so your website appears in search engines when people search for a lawyer in their locality. Lastly, make sure your website is optimized for mobile, since many users will be accessing your information via their smartphone.

4. Take advantage of social media.

Update your social media pages regularly. Your web presence is extremely important. Make sure you’re active on the major social platforms (like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn). Engage with your followers, and you’ll be surprised how quickly they turn into clients. And encourage clients to post positive reviews on Yelp, Google, Facebook, and more. This will allow your online presence to skyrocket.

5. Prove credibility with testimonials.

In order to show that your law firm is knowledgeable and valuable, highlight any awards that your firm has received. Provide testimonials and reviews from past clients. Consider dedicating an entire page to testimonials, and include case details. These positive online reviews will result in many conversions. Potential clients often make their decisions based on what past clients have to say about your firm.

6. Provide valuable content.

Your website must contain valuable content that will help/inform your audience. Figure out what your audience wants to see, and deliver! Be consistent with blog posts, and make sure your posts are relevant and fresh. If you want stand out from your competition, add a personal touch to your blog posts.