Since winter is almost here, you might feel tempted to huddle under a warm blanket and hibernate until spring. However, there’s joy to be found in the colder, quieter months of the year. In fact, hygge has become a popular sentiment, which is the Danish phrase for feeling cozy and content. If you’d like to incorporate hygge into your life this winter, follow these six steps. 

1. Set the mood.
If you have candles, light them. They provide both warmth and delicious scent to your home. Choose scents that fill you with positive memories and feelings.

2. Bake something sweet.
Flip through your favorite cookbook and choose a recipe that calls to you. Lay out your ingredients carefully, and take your time as your creation comes to life. You should enjoy the task at hand. It’s just a bonus that you’ll be able to eat the end result. 

3. Get comfortable.
Cushions, furry blankets, and plush pillows will make your space more inviting. Snuggle up in all the soft fabrics you can find.

4. Make a hot drink.
Apple cider, mulled wine, Irish coffee, and hot chocolate are all great choices! Find a recipe you love, and share it over a virtual happy hour with friends. 

5. Put on a sweater.
Do you have a favorite sweater? If not, find one. It should be warm, cozy, and comfortable. Complete your outfit with thick socks!

6. Play some seasonal music.
Play music that inspires you and brings your home to life. Instrumentals are a great option. If you don’t know where to start, most music services have premade playlists you can browse.