Professional Biography Tips

Think of your professional biography as your resume, but in paragraph format. Here are some things to include:

  • Some background
    • Did you grow up in your service area? If not, what attracted you to the area? Do you have an “against-the-odds” story?
  • Relevant Experience–What do you bring to the table?
    • Was your parent a real estate agent? Have you worked in lending? How much customer service experience do you have? Do you have a degree in marketing? Do you organize events for your church?
  • Your big WHY?–What brought you to real estate?
    • The chance to work for yourself? To help others the way another agent helped you? To improve on your experience with another agent? Family legacy? Do you just love to talk to new people?
  • A little personal information
    • Are you married? How many kids? (DON’T GIVE NAMES!) Do you volunteer in the community? Any special recognition’s or rewards?