Blockchain Vs. Conventional Online Security

By Hannah M.

Blockchain Vs. Conventional Online Security

How Can Blockchain Improve Your Business?

In today’s age of digital technology, nearly all business is moving online. This leaves the question: how to protect yours and clients data in the most successful way? You can go with the tried and true methods that mostly work; but with technology consistently breaking new frontiers, there are many new options available that may prove to be more successful. You’ve probably heard some of the buzz about Blockchain. There’s a variety of opinions regarding this new safety application; but it’s undeniable that Blockchain is evolving into one of the most beneficial security measures you can take for your business.

4 Reasons You Should Be Using Blockchain:

  • Reliability

Blockchain is a reliable network that provides a decentralized, open database. There are a number of features available to your business, including recording client information, transactions, and data sharing. Blockchain is built around open sharing, which is perfect for teams and other entrepreneur groups, as opposed to traditional security methods, where sharing confidential information can be risky, 

  • Confidentiality

Many believe Blockchain is non-compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), but that’s actually a benefit of Blockchain; you can choose an account specific to your needs. One concern regarding this new security system is GDPR now will require systems to delete confidential information on request, which Blockchain typically does not allow, as they permanently store data. However, this is a non-issue, as there are many ways you can use Blockchain, including creating a GDPR-compliant account, where you would be able to delete as needed.

  • Trustworthiness

A cornerstone of Blockchain is the security of confidential information you share and store. In order to enter the system and access the data you store, Blockchain must first alert your whole organization to approve you. This is monumental in the evolution of digital technology; Blockchain is favored over old data security systems largely for this reason, as traditional systems hardly require recognition, making the sharing of data much less secure. 

  • Minimal Risk

Another great reason to consider using Blockchain to boost your business is the ability to defend and recover quickly from attacks of all kinds. Customary security and storage methods are centralized, which is extremely destructive and dangerous when your information is attacked. Unlike these established ways of storing and sharing information, Blockchain is highly adaptable and much faster to recover from attacks, should they happen at all. Because of Blockchain’s security measures being nearly impenetrable, this makes it the ideal storage base for your business’s confidential data.  

Blockchain: A Secure Asset to Your Business

Since Blockchain is still considered a fairly new technology, it’s important to review the concerns involved prior to moving your business over. Don’t let these concerns impede on your decision to convert to Blockchain; overall, Blockchain is a simpler, safer method of conducting business. Staying up to date on new technologies that can benefit your business is important to your online growth. As Blockchain continues to grow, their security and ease can only increase; therefore giving you more time to focus on what really matters: your business and clients!

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