Curious about what types of campaigns SLM can set up for you in your eEdge Database provided by Keller Williams?

There are three basic types of campaigns within eEdge: 8×8, 12 Direct, and 33 Touch.

  • 8×8 campaigns
    • 8 touches over 8 weeks
      • 6 emails, 2 phone calls
    • Most concentrated
    • For hotter buyers/sellers
      • Looking to buy/sell in the next 3 months
    • New contacts on the campaign start at step 1
  • 12 Direct campaigns
    • 1 email per month for 12 months
    • Least concentrated
    • Good for “haven’t mets”
    • Depending on which campaign is selected, new contacts on the campaign can start at step 1 or at the next scheduled date
  • 33 Touch campaigns
    • Up to 3 touches per month, for 12 months
    • 21 emails, 12 phone calls
      • Every other month is 2 emails
    • Good for “mets”/”Sphere of Influence”
    • New contacts on the campaign start at the next scheduled step

There are several different versions of each of the 3 main types of campaigns. Individual or team versions are available for every campaign type.

For more information about the different types of campaigns, see our Campaigns Classes.