Welcome to the SLM Jumpstart Challenge

Let Scott Le Roy Marketing help you jumpstart your Keller Cloud Technology with this 14 day Challenge!

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NOTE: Any and all of the items in any of our Challenges are completely, totally, 100% optional. If you are unable or unwilling to complete any of the Challenge items, you are welcome to skip it!

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Day 1

If you haven’t completed your New Agent questionnaire, do so at reagentsetup.com

Day 2

Once you receive your setup complete email, respond to “Keller Cloud Setup Complete” email with requested info (highlighted in yellow)

(For existing agents not at 97% profile completion, please fill out this form: scottleroymarketing.com/100-profile-completion)

Day 3

Download the SLM live training calendar for your time zone: scottleroymarketing.com/training-calendar/

Day 4

Check out the Command and KW Technology training at www.SLMTraining.com

Day 5

If you don’t already have a custom domain, visit ScottLeRoyMarketing.com/Domain-FAQ to get one for $2.99 for the first year (regular price after that) and visit goo.gl/VUFq7z to have us connect your custom domain to your KW Website

Day 6

Check out Scott Le Roy Marketing’s Free Templates: ScottLeRoyMarketing.com/Templates

Day 7

If you want, request to forward your KW email to your preferred email: goo.gl/q1brvk

Day 8

Visit www.SLMTips.com for additional technology tips

Day 9

Visit www.ScottLeRoyMarketing.com/Support to view the Support items that can be handled for FREE with your Market Center’s SLM account

Day 10

Attend a Live SLM Training this week at 1pm EDT: SLMWebinar.com (Don’t forget to refer back to the training calendar you downloaded on Day 2)

Day 11

Check out the Advanced Training provided by SLM: scottleroymarketing.com/advanced-training/

Day 12

Have specific questions on our tips or training videos that you have viewed during this Jumpstart? Send an email to Support@ScottLeRoyMarketing.com to have those questions answered right away!

Day 13

Review our Digital Marketing Tip videos and implement them for yourself: scottleroymarketing.com/digital-marketing-tips/

Day 14

Continue your learning experience! Select a 30 Day Challenge or pick another jumpstart topic to complete!


Congratulations!! You have completed Jumpstart with SLM! We look forward to helping you learn your Keller Cloud Technology and get setup for success!