Welcome to the SLM 30 Day Challenge

This challenge is meant to help you launch your myKW platform and get a jump start on your KW Tools/ Online Marketing.

Click here for the printable version

NOTE: Any and all of the items in any of our 30 Day Challenges are completely, totally, 100% optional. If you are unable or unwilling to complete any of the 30 Day Challenge items, that’s no problem!

Day 1: Respond to “myKW Setup Complete” email with requested info

(For existing agents not at 100% profile completion, please fill out this form: www.scottleroymarketing.com/support/100-profile-completion)

Day 2: Check out basic KW Technology training at www.SLMWebinar.com

Day 3: Check out advanced training at www.SLMTraining.com

Day 4: Contact Support@ScottLeRoyMarketing.com to learn how to export your contacts so we can import them for you

Day 5: If you don’t already have a custom domain, visit goo.gl/BnFX3i to get one for $.99 for the first year (regular price after that)

Day 6: Visit goo.gl/VUFq7z to have us connect your custom domain to your KW Website

Day 7: Subscribe to SLM on Youtube: goo.gl/QM6uU6 and Facebook: goo.gl/5yo87u

Day 8: Learn how to create contact groups within your eEdge Database: goo.gl/hMsbnj

Day 9: Create some groups and organize your contacts

Day 10: Download your personalized KW App via the “App URL” in your “myKW Setup Complete” email

Day 11: Tap the share button on the home page your KW APP to share with 5-10 people goo.gl/cSDxJV

Day 12: Learn the basics of setting up your KW Website: goo.gl/fs2MSq

Day 13: Request to have an email campaign set up for your contacts: goo.gl/Gk7sUW

Day 14: Contact your Market Center Leadership to set your CGI Goals: goo.gl/SNjmhM

Day 15: Request to subscribe to your Market Center Calendar in Google Calendar: goo.gl/vYaakF

Day 16: If you want, request to forward your KW email to your preferred email: goo.gl/q1brvk

Day 17: Request a QR code for your website or KW app to use on business cards/flyers, etc: goo.gl/Q3tjZd

Day 18: Download the Hurdlr app for iOS: goo.gl/zdMER2 or Android: goo.gl/cLfwWt & sign in using your mykw username and password

Day 19: Learn more advanced editing for your KW Website: goo.gl/sfo4g6

Day 20: Visit www.SLMTips.com and look for any videos about “contacts”

Day 21: Create a marketing piece to announce your move to KW: goo.gl/YMNsL3

Day 22: Send your marketing piece to all of your contacts. Contact Support@ScottLeRoyMarketing.com if you need more help

Day 23: Learn how to use the Kelle A.I. app: goo.gl/PWK1YW

Day 24: Learn how to use referrals search on KWConnect.com: https://goo.gl/QzjK67

Day 25: Visit www.Google.com/Business to create your Google business profile

Day 26: Visit www.YouTube.com to create your YouTube channel

Day 27: Learn how to create a Facebook page for REALTORs: goo.gl/1NQ6tU

Day 28: Visit www.SLMTips.com, www.SLMTraining.com, and goo.gl/w8DAQx for more technology training

Day 29: Visit www.ScottLeRoyMarketing.com/Templates to create your FREE email signature

Day 30: Visit www.ScottLeRoyMarketing.com/Support for all of our FREE marketing services