SLM Setup Team, use this form to automatically complete and send the "Setup Complete" email to the support team to check.

    What type of setup is this?
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    MC #262 Barrington, IL is no longer supposed to be set up as "Hidden" by default. Only use "Hidden" if specifically requested on the Questionnaire, or a "Hidden" questionnaire is submitted.

    Was KW Email already set up when you logged in?

    Did you forward the KW email to business email?

    KW IDX site address (full address including ""):

    eAgentC section 4.1 sent to Wolfnet?

    Was Docusign already connected in the settings of Command?

    Did you sign in to the agent's email to activate/set up the Docusign account?

    Quick Notes (Check any/all that apply. If your note needs to be different, add it in the box above instead)
    DocuSign Not In CommandNeed License # (NY, NV, TX)Need DRE # (CA only)Market Center Not AvailableKWConnect Not AvailableUnable To Set Up CommandWith an unlisted BC.Unable to select Command Email.Display url for not available.Email We Set Up: Docusign Registered

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