Use this form to automatically send an IDX request to ML, the Market Center, and to us for Jupiter, FL #565

    MLS Board name:

    RAPB (Realtors Association of the Palm Beaches/Beaches MLS)JTHS (Realtors Association of Jupiter, Tequesta, and Hobe Sound)

    If the agent is a member of JTHS, send them these instructions:

    To set up IDX for your KW App and Websites, complete these instructions for each of the 3 KW Site/App providers (Click here for more information about these providers):

    1. Go to and click on More Details under “For Real
      Estate Agents” heading.

    2. Next, click on “Getting Started”. This will open a PDF Agent request Form for Data Services
      This form captures the agent information and requires that the agent specify the broker and vendor

    3. Once complete there is a button on the form to “Email This Document”

    Your broker must have a current Participant Data Feed agreement with the named Vendor. If they don’t, JTHSMLS will advise the broker to complete the Participant Data Feed Agreement in reDataVault.