In order to connect Docusign to Command’s “Opportunities” section, a new Docusign account must be created via an invitation sent from within Command, to an email address that is not associated with an existing Docusign account.

Unfortunately the email address provided on your questionnaire already has a Docusign account associated with it, and cannot currently be used for Docusign within Command’s “Opportunities” section.

Here’s what you can do moving forward:

  1. Send a different email address to use with Docusign for Command to us at, and we’ll set up a new account for you
  2. Put a different email address into this Docusign account, freeing up your preferred email address to use for a new Docusign account for Command. Click here for step-by-step instructions
  3. Contact Docusign directly to see if they will manually force the connection: 888-600-4146 or