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    What type of setup is this?
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    MC #262 Barrington, IL is no longer supposed to be set up as "Hidden" by default. Only use "Hidden" if specifically requested on the Questionnaire, or a "Hidden" questionnaire is submitted.

    Was KW Email already set up when you logged in?

    Did you forward the KW email to business email?

    KW IDX site address (full address including ""):

    eAgentC section 4.1 sent to Wolfnet?

    Was Docusign already connected in the settings of Command?

    Did you sign in to the agent's email to activate/set up the Docusign account?

    Quick Notes (Check any/all that apply. If your note needs to be different, add it in the box above instead)
    DocuSign Email SentDocuSign Not In CommandAgent Provided DocuSign CredentialsDocuSign ErrorEmail We Set Up: Docusign RegisteredKW Email Pending Approval'Licensed In' States Needed for CardsNeed License # (NY, NV, TX)Need DRE # (CA only)Market Center Not AvailableKWConnect Not AvailableUnable To Set Up CommandUnable To Update Command WebsiteWith an unlisted BC.Unable to select Command Email.Dotloop email changedDotLoop previously connectedUnable to link DotLoop in Command.Unable to link Porch in Command.Display url for not available.Unable to set KW Email password recovery

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