Why Isn’t My KW App Page Loading/Why Can’t I Find Myself On The KW App/Why Can’t I Download My Branded KW App?

The KW App page/branding can take up to 7 full days (not business days, just days) from your join date to fully populate.

This is 7 days from your KW Join Date, the date you were entered into the KW system by your office.

In the meantime, the KW app page will display a “404 Page Not Found” error on a computer.

On the KW App, you will be unable to find yourself via the “Agent Search” function.

If the app link is clicked on a mobile phone, the app will download as the plain, unbranded version instead of the branded version with your information.

Please allow 7 days from your KW join date for the KW app to populate.

If you are still unable to download the branded version of your KW app after that, please contact KW International support at Support@KW.com.

Click here to see more about using your KW app.