SLM Questionnaire Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about how to complete the Setup Questionnaire? Get answers to the most common questions, here.

How long does the setup process take after I click “Send”?

As noted on the questionnaire page, depending on the accuracy of the information entered on the questionnaire, you should receive your “myKW Setup Complete” email back in 1-2 business days, but we shoot for just 1 if at all possible. Setups are performed by hand by a real, live person, to make sure that the correct information goes everywhere it is supposed to. See this video for a full outline of the setup process. Note that your setup can be delayed if no/incorrect login information is submitted.

To put it another way, we can only begin working on a setup once we have received final, complete, correct information. The two business day turnaround time begins at this point, whether it is received at the time the questionnaire is submitted, or if we have to ask for and wait to receive corrected information afterwards.

I don’t have Facebook/Twitter/A Biography/A Head Shot/etc. Can I still submit the questionnaire?

Absolutely! The only things that we absolutely have to have in order to set up all of your KW Technology tools are marked “Required” on the form, and the form cannot be submitted without them. Any other information like your MLS ID, blog page, etc can be updated or added to later.

Why do you ask for “Business Email To Use” and then for “KW Email” farther down?

In the “Business email to use” field, we are asking whether you already have a different email address you are using for business, that you would like for us to list on your profiles and create your accounts with. If you do, just enter that address into this field. If you would rather we use the KW email address we will create for you, enter “Use KW Email” into that field. Where we are asking for your KW Email farther down the page, we are asking for what you would like for your KW email address to be, not what you have already set it as. We create this email address for you.

Why do you ask for three options for my KW Email and KW Website?

With over 170,000 associates world wide, sometimes a new associate’s first choice isn’t available for email or websites, i.e. “”. We ask for three options so we can try the second if the first is already taken, or the third if both are taken.

Am I required to use my email address for business?

Not at all! You are welcome to use this email address if you would like to, since it is a part of what you are paying for in the Keller Williams technology fees. Since this address is provided through Google G Suite for Business, it will run the nearly* the same as if you were to utilize a account.

Why do you ask for my MyKW information?

Click here for a detailed answer.

Why do you ask for my personal email? Am I going to receive SPAM?

We ask for your personal email so that we can send you the login information for your KW email, website, database, and everything else we will set up for you, and your information is only shared as described in our Privacy Policy. We hate SPAM too!

Why do you ask for my cell phone number? Will I receive SPAM?

We ask for your cell phone number and provider to enable text alerts for leads on your website/profiles, only. Your information is only shared as described in our Privacy Policy.

I don’t know my mykw username or password. Can I still submit the Questionnaire?

Absolutely! Just enter a dash (-) in those fields, and we will contact your Market Center to attempt to retrieve your login information. If all else fails, you can call KW International support to reset your username and password at (512) 306-7191. Note that submitting a questionnaire without correct mykw login information will likely cause a delay in processing.

I have already set up my email/website/dotloop/etc. Will that affect anything, or will you create a second account?

If you have already set up anything within your account, all we will do is make sure that it has been done the correct way. We do not have the ability to create a second email address or website for you, and we will not undo anything you have already done.

I have a domain name that I would like to use for my KW Website. How do I do that?

In the “Custom Domain” section of the questionnaire, include that custom domain address that you purchased, the domain registrar where you purchased it (i.e. GoDaddy), and the username and password for that registrar, and we’ll handle the rest! Alternatively, you can complete this form separately.

I already have a Dotloop/MyTransactions account from another company or from being a KW Associate previously. Can I still use that account?

Absolutely! Just include the email address and password for that account in the “Dotloop” section of the questionnaire.

Can I save my work and come back to submit the questionnaire later?

Unfortunately the questionnaire does not have a “Save” feature at this time, and must be submitted all at once.

How do I know whether the questionnaire went through when I clicked “Send”?

If the questionnaire is submitted correctly, you will be taken to a “Thank You” page with a video from Scott outlining our services. You should also receive a “Thank You” email containing the same information.

Do you expect me to have a KW Logo to attach to the questionnaire?

Of course not! The “Logo” field is for if you have a personal logo that you would like to use on your website/marketing materials. We have all of the KW logos on hand, here, and you do not need to submit one.

I really need my setup processed yesterday. How can I expedite myself?

Setups are handled in the order in which they are received, and must make their way through the queue in that fashion. Remember, we shoot for processing setups in 1 business day if at all possible!

If I submit my questionnaire on Friday, when will I receive confirmation that my setup has been completed?

As noted earlier, the setup process is handled in 1-2 business days, so you will likely receive your “Setup Complete” email the following Monday, or next business day after a holiday.

Why will the questionnaire not submit, even though I completed all the required information?

Typically this is caused by an attached head shot or logo that is too large. The file size limit is 10 Megabytes, and the form cannot submit if too large of an image is attached. Click “Choose File” again, then “Cancel” in the window that pops up to remove the image, then email it to us directly at as an attachment.

*KW Email addresses provided through Google G Suite for Business do not have the ability to use any Google tools that involve money including but not limited to Wallet, Play Store, Adwords, AdSense, Voice Minutes, extra Drive storage, Classroom, or Domains.
KW Email addresses provided through Google G Suite for Business receive 30 Gigabytes of online storage in Google Drive and Gmail (combined), versus 15 Gigabytes with a regular account.