Re-brand and re-launch your Real Estate business effortlessly with the help of Scott Le Roy Marketing, today!

First impressions are everything in real estate, where the success of your business directly corresponds to the relationships you build.

In 2021, first impressions are typically made online and with social media! Social media is one of the strongest marketing tools available to you—reaching not only your friends and family, but people around the world 24/7.

Having worked with real estate companies since 2012, we know what consumers are looking for and intend to deliver the highest quality work to you and your clients.

Here is what you can expect from this full service package:

Social Media Re-Branding

We’ll create all new social media branding items with your new brokerage logo, and preferred color scheme. Our social media re-branding not only includes adding in the a new cover photo and profile photo (if needed) for your businesses page, but updating the office address and office phone number as well. The platforms covered are the business pages and accounts for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Real Estate Agent Profile Update

Your online presence through your agent profiles on Zillow and is also a key factor in building awareness for your business. Creating a strong agent profile on these sites will enhance your branding and establish your credibility. We’ll ensure these profiles are optimized and enhanced to the fullest extent!

Marketing Items Created

With this offer, we’ll carry your branding and preferred color scheme to create a business card that is ready to be printed with a local printer; an email signature ready to be added into your email account; and create a social media template to announce your recent move to a new brokerage!


Looking for help on an item not listed above? Contact us for a custom quote!