Are you looking for the latest and greatest way to market your brand? Social media platforms offer flexibility for your business with a broad reach. With many new platforms emerging, it’s important to follow these three social media do and don’ts!

Follow The 80/20 Principle

Future clients are more likely to trust their business with someone they respect and know. Social media gives you the unique ability to build personalized relationships with clients as well as other business professionals. Rather than flooding your timelines with business information, it’s recommended to operate on the “80/20 principle”; 80 percent of your posts should be personal content and 20 pecent should be business posts. The easiest way to achieve this is by listing the top few things that best describes you, including your vision and goals. Be selective and definitive, this is how your followers get to know you on a personal level!

Post Consistently 

Consistent posts are crucial when it comes to using social media to your full advantage. If you are sharing good content, it should boost your engagements. Be sure to check up on your comments, likes and shares daily to respond appropriately. These engagements could produce leads and are a great opportunity for new business. By responding to all engagements on your posts personally, you are also able to show your care for others and attention to detail. 

Find Your Target Audience

Finally, social media can help you find your target audience. People want to know that you can offer them value. By using social media analytics and business tools, you can offer value to a much wider audience than ever before. Joining groups and online communities who are looking for your expertise is a direct way to your target audience! Before posting in the group, consider things from the client’s side. 

Ask yourself these three questions: 
  • How can I help them? 
  • How high of a priority is my customer care? 
  • Am I a trustworthy professional? 

If you can offer value to those in need of your expertise, leads are sure to follow!

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