Flag of Orlando
Flag of Orlando (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some things are hard to measure, while others are fairly simple. In real estate, having the “SOLD” sign in the front yard is the main goal of every individual.

You, in time, will have the hard way and the easy way of doing anything. The hard way to get the “SOLD” sign up is to try and sell it yourself as the property owner. And the easy way is to use the service of a professional real estate agent — an individual who has experience to get the house sold at the right price for how much the market will allow. A real estate sale is always a large money transaction and can be a very stressful time for both parties involved. Remember, your agent does not get paid until your home is “SOLD” and they only receive a portion of that in commission. That’s a lot of genuine motivation to do the job correctly the first time.

So save yourself headaches and frustration when you are ready to sell or buy, and call a professional realtor. The amount you would save by selling the home yourself is not worth the hassle of contacting a broker, marketing for a buyer, writing the contracts, finalizing the title, and much more.

When it comes to Real Estate, Keller Williams Classic in Orlando, FL is my go to for buying and selling homes. With four locations in Windermere, Hunters Creek, Clermont and Sodo, they cover a good portion of the map of Orlando and it’s surrounding areas.

Visit their sites today and realize why a realtor can become your best friend!

KWClassicI (Windermere/ Dr. Phillips)

KWClassicII (Hunters Creek)

KWClassicIII (Clermont)