Why does SLM ask for three options for email address and website on the setup questionnaire?

With over 170,000 associates in the United States alone, Keller Williams Realty is the largest real estate company in the country.

With that many associates, there is a chance that your first choice for your email address or website address may already be taken by another associate already in the company.

For example, if your name is Andrew Johnson, andrewjohnson@kw.com and andrewjohnson.kwrealty.com are likely already taken.

We ask for three options for your email and website addresses so that we can expedite your setup by not having to reach out to you for additional options if your first choice is already taken.

If the first choice is unavailable, we will move to the second choice, and then to the third if the second is taken.

Lastly, keep in mind these prohibited words for email addresses and website addresses:

  • realtor
  • realty
  • realestate
  • kw
  • Find the full list here