What is the difference between the two websites provided to KW agents: eEdge/Market Leader and Command?

There are currently (as of 2019 10 22) two websites available to KW Agents: The older eEdge website provided by Market Leader, and the newer KW Website provided within Command.

NOTE: For new agents since 2019 07 15, no new Placester sites have been created. Only sites created previous to this date are still active, and will go inactive when the Command sites launch on 2019 10 22

Both websites offer listing search, lead capture, and SEO capabilities, so either one can be used quite effectively.

To “Choose” which site you use, print one address or the other on marketing materials. You do not have to notify SLM or anyone else of your choice. Simply use one site, and ignore the other.

Outlined below are some of the similarities and differences between the two sites.

NOTE: This is not an exhaustive list.

To learn how to edit the Command site, see our Command Website classes

To learn how to edit the eEdge site, see our eEdge website class

NOTE: eEdge and Market Leader are used interchangeably. Market Leader is the company that provides eEdge.


  • “Set it and forget it” capability
      • Set up the site with your information and IDX, then leave it alone
    • Only add as much or as little content to the site(s) as you wish
  • Listing Search/IDX connection
    • Site visitors can search for listings on both sites
  • Lead capture
    • Both sites collect visitor information
  • Mobile responsive
    • Site arrangement changes based on screen size, e.g. mobile phones
  • Custom Domain Forwarding
      • Currently both sites only support simple 301 HTML forwarding, not domain-mapping, so the KW site address will still show in address bar, even if visitor types your custom domain
  • Neither site currently has blogging capabilities
  • Limited home page editing options
  • Social media profile links
  • Site Tracking through Google Analytics
  • SEO through Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions


  • Testimonials/reviews only available in eEdge
  • eEdge Lead Capture
      • Either: Forced to complete contact form after viewing one (1) property, or after viewing five (5) properties
    • Option to upgrade for finer control
  • Command Lead Capture
      • Currently no information available
  • eEdge Testimonials
      • Must be submitted by client via form on website
      • Cannot be manually entered by agent
    • Automatically show on the website unless removed
  • Menu Customization
    • Only available on Command website
      • Can only rearrange pre-made pages, cannot link to other sites/pages
  • Custom Pages
      • eEdge site: limited to one (1) custom page
    • Command site: Currently no custom pages
  • Background images
      • eEdge site: one static image
    • Command site: one of up to five (5) images will load each time the home page is loaded
  • Themes
      • eEdge site: Three (3) free options, one (1) paid option
        • All look very similar
    • Command site: Two (2) options: Red or Dark

NOTE: There was a “third” KW Website, powered by Wolfnet called eAgentC, and those addresses ended in “.yourkwagent.com”. THIS WEBSITE WAS RETIRED IN 2016 AND IS NO LONGER SUPPORTED. The only reason this interface still exists is because some of the features of the KW app are administered through the interface. Contact us for more information.