Social Media Strategist and Optimizer

Social Media is a digital marketing must have. It’s the new word of mouth marketing that drives customer perceptions and purchasing decisions.  Your business greatly benefits from being involved in the conversation.

This is where we enter. At Scott Le Roy Marketing, we are dedicated to providing cutting-edge digital marketing tactics to lead your company in to the internet marketing world. As an advertisement agency worker, we know what consumers are looking for and intend to deliver only the highest quality of content to them.

Here is a taste of what you can expect:

Social Media Management Across Multiple Platforms

Social Media is a must have marketing tool, and I work solely with the websites that will increase your branding and traffic through consumer engagement online.  Options include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, Google+ and FourSquare.

Social Media That Creates Consumers From Fans

Put my experience and dedication to excellence to work for you.  Growing internet audiences is a daunting task when running a business. Scott Le Roy Marketing create specific social media plans to turn those fans, followers or subscribers into real consumers. Each plan is customized to fit your industry and needs in order to provide ample results.

Create Fresh and Unique Interactive Content Daily

Social Media requires daily attention in order to produce optimal results.  I do all of the posting for you so you can continue to run your business.  Real Estate? Restaurant? Healthcare? Retailer? I have worked with multiple fortune 100 companies to increase overall exposure to their markets and more.

Custom Facebook Applications To Intertwine All Social Media Channels

Take your Facebook page to another level of professionalism.  Integrating Facebook Applications greatly enhance the look of your site and produce a higher level of interactivity for your consumers.  Run polls, add coupons, and embed your YouTube videos and Pinterest images directly into your Facebook page for easy access.  These are normal task to increase brand identity and marketability.

Social Media Optimization Turns Possible Clients Into Consumers

Social networking is not just about talking.  It’s about creating brand identity and generating leads for your business.  Scott Le Roy Marketing produces quality content to capture your targeted consumers to turn them in to repeat consumers of your product or service.