holiday marketing

Winter and Christmas are almost here. Your business needs to jump on this marketing opportunity. Use these 10 holiday marketing tips to spice up this festive season!

Start Early

You’d be surprised how many people begin their holiday shopping before Halloween. Launching holiday ads nice and early means you have plenty of time to build up to Thanksgiving and cruise into Christmas while building awareness for your brand.

Use Social Media

Maintaining a social media presence (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) can build brand awareness and a loyal customer base. Posting to these accounts regularly can also increase sales.

Post holiday images

Presents, hot chocolate, snow, wreaths, holly, fireplaces. All of these things bring us comfort and joy during the holidays. Using these types of images in your campaign gives off a festive holiday vibe and also clues customers into special holiday promotions and deals.

Analyze Last Year’s Data

Utilize last year’s data by analyzing the numbers and figuring out what did well, what didn’t do well, and so on. In addition, look at what kind of products and services were trending on Google.

Focus On What Makes You Special

There are a lot of sales and promotions during the holidays, so it’s important to focus on what makes your business special and unique. What makes your company stand out against the competition? Advertise that.

Create Gift Guides

Google reports that 7 out of 10 shoppers don’t know what they’re shopping for while browsing for holiday gifts. Gift guides can be extremely helpful with this. You can create different, specific guides for different niches: a boyfriend/husband gift guide, a boss/coworker gift guide, etc. Your customers will love to see your genuine recommendations!

Make Sure Your Site is Mobile-Friendly

More and more people are using their phone/tablet for online shopping. Because of this, your website needs to be easy-to-navigate and attractive on a mobile device.

Use Holiday Keywords

Remember, keywords can provide an opportunity to capitalize on a market/trend. Use Google Suggest and Trends to see what’s popular throughout the holiday season.

It’s Not Just Christmas

If you only target people who celebrate Christmas, you’ll miss out on a large percentage of the market. Instead, focus on universal holiday themes, such as winter, gift giving, family time, and parties/gatherings.

Only Happens Once a Year

Make sure you stress to customers that your holiday promotions and deals only happen once a year. This sense of urgency will encourage them to buy your products. Be creative with your sales. One popular marketing trick for businesses is to place a timer on their website counting down to the sale.

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