10 Ways to Create the Perfect Snapchat Filter for Your Company

By Shelby Ballou

snapchat filter

1. Think about the event’s environment.

Is your company’s event going to be indoors or outdoors? Are attendees more likely to snap a video or a picture? Think about these questions when you’re creating your Snapchat filter. You might want to edit the filter’s screen real estate, relative position, contrasting colors, and more.

2. Hire a designer.

If you don’t have an in-house graphic designer, hire a freelance artist to create a filter for you. Make sure the graphic is clean, simple, and professional.

3. Keep it simple.

Snapchat filters at professional company events should be simple and universal. Attendees should want to use the filter for every photo they take (photos of the event space, selfies, and group photos). If the design is flashy and obnoxious, you might not get the desired result.

4. Don’t steal the spotlight.

Many companies that use filters at events where they are involved but are not the host forget to include the event in their filter. This isn’t polite. Make your involvement with the event or organization clear.

5. Ask for opinions.

Create a few different versions of a filter, and ask co-workers and friends for feedback. This will help you narrow down your choice to a Snapchat filter that people will actually use.

6. Make sure the filter is relevant.

Keep your target audience in mind. Use the event logo, branding message, and date of the event in your filter. Make sure all graphical elements are easy to see and read.

7. Make it unique.

What makes your event special? Why should people be there? Who are the speakers and performers, and what are they speaking about? Highlight these things in an authentic way, and people will flock to use your Snapchat filter.

8. Make it fun.

At the end of the day, Snapchat filters should be fun. The more people who enjoy using your filter, the more likely it will be shared.

9. Use a mascot.

If you want to get creative, consider assigning a unique mascot to your event and creating a Snapchat filter around that. Mascots are more personable than themes, and they can become extremely popular. You can even continue to use the mascot after your event is over.

10. Focus on engagement.

The most successful Snapchat filters are customized in some way. Customization will help your filter stand out and drive engagement. Focus on the user and figure out what type of filter they’ll want to use. This way, you’ll be sure to create a successful and popular Snapchat filter.

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