13 Tips To Blog Consistently

By Shelby Ballou

blogging consistently

Blogging consistently is hard, which is why a lot of people and businesses struggle with it. It’s not always easy to brainstorm valuable, interesting, and unique content on a regular basis.

The key to blogging is writing. If you can write consistently, you’ll always have content. But what happens when you encounter a major case of writer’s block?

Here are 13 tips to get you thinking creatively about publishing content more consistently.

1. Outsource The Writing

The easiest way to get something done is to pay someone else to do it. This will cost money, but if you’ve found that blogging has long-term ROI for your company, the cost is worth it.

Finding a freelancer isn’t too hard these days, with marketplaces like Upwork. You can also use a service like Textbroker so you don’t have to go through the hire process for a new employee.

2. Get Employees To Blog

If you don’t want to hire a content writer, you can give the responsibility to one of your employees who is a quality writer.

3. Crowdsource

You can crowdsource and submit a request for people to respond with their marketing questions. Then, you can answer those questions, and create an article from them.

4. Do An Interview Series

An easy way to get new content is to interview people. All you have to do is come up with a set of thought-provoking questions, send them to a new influencer each week or month, and then post the interview. Even though the questions are the same, the answers for each interview will be unique.

5. Invite Case Study Submissions

If you sell a product or service, you can benefit from using case studies of people who have successfully used your product or service. When people write about how much they love your product or service, it not only gives you a positive testimonial but also free content to post to your blog.

6. Invite Others To Guest Post

Many popular blogs use guest writers to create content. You can do this, too!

7. Repurpose Other Content

You can easily repurpose content by transcribing podcasts and videos, creating infographics, and putting together presentations. Take a piece of content you already have, and convert it to another.

8. Keep An Editorial Calendar

In order to blog consistently, it’s smart to keep a calendar. If it’s in writing, it becomes significantly more likely that you’ll do it.


9. Write 1,000 Words Each Day

Writing 1,000 words a day might seem intimidating, but it will get your creative juices flowing. It doesn’t matter if your words are quality. In many cases, the content might be thrown out or rewritten. But the important thing is that you fall into the habit of writing everyday.

10. Use Voice To Text Software


Voice to text software is game changing. It lifts the load from your wrists, and it’s often quicker and more accurate than typing.


11. Update Old Content


Updating old content will make your articles rank better in search engines. Updated posts also provide a better user experience.


12. Republish Someone Else’s Post


If you gain permission to republish someone else’s article, this is a great way to publish new content. Just be sure to link back to the original post. The added benefit for the original poster is that you’ll link directly to their website, and you receive new, free content for your blog. Both parties win.

13. Republish Your Own Post

Can you republish a post that you wrote elsewhere? Probably not without someone’s permission, but many outlets allow you to republish a post as long as you wait a few months and cite the original source.

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