A new year, a new decade, and new ways to increase your digital marketing presence! Now more than ever consumers are utilizing technology for connecting, shopping, and researching before making purchases. To target your audience better, digital marketing trends suggest live video, visuals, and personalization catch attention more now than ever. 

Live Video

Authenticity has been an evolving trend within the digital world. Live video brings the product to the consumer in such a real way, and people are here for it. Trends such as #nofilter gained momentum over the past few years and has continued to stay showing the public is tired of old marketing tactics. Live video builds trust with the consumer. It also allows people to engage as many of the live videos have a comment stream flowing.


“A picture is worth a thousand words.” Remember this saying? Well, it’s true. Visuals speak volumes louder than any text. How else do you think platforms such as Instagram or Snapchat rapidly grew in popularity? Noticing this, Facebook included the option to choose different backgrounds and the option to change text size when posting. Visuals draw in the audience. It grabs their attention. 


Digital marketing trends show consumers appreciate personalization. Albeit a little harder, but it’s not impossible. On a grand scale, if you’re targeting millennials or a younger generation, use their vocabulary. This speaks to them on a level that shows you, as the company, understand them. On an individualized level, use your consumer’s names. This is easily done through email campaigns. When sending out blasts about new products or checking in to see how your services have helped, include their name in the subject line and the body of the email. 

Overall, these three areas help boost engagement with the consumer. How are you working to improve your digital marketing this year?