social media tips

The holidays are here! Can you believe it’s December already? It’s easy to put social media on the back-burner while you’re busy planning your spectacular office party, but don’t fall behind. This time of year offers so many magical opportunities to reach your audience in a festive and meaningful way. Here are three simple tips that will keep you on track this month.

1. Plan ahead.

It’s tempting to mentally check out during the month of December (between holiday parties, family gatherings, and buying gifts, you’ve got enough on your plate!), but you have to stay consistent with social media if you want your business to thrive. Set aside an hour each week to create and schedule meaningful content. Planning ahead will help tremendously, but don’t plan too far ahead. Remember, it’s dangerous to automate your content and forget about it. It’s important to be intentional about the content you create and share, especially during the holidays.

2. Schedule in advance.

Once you come up with a great topic for the week (and 3-5 interesting posts), there are a few ways that you can schedule the content. You can do it manually, or you can use a tool like Hootsuite. By scheduling content a week or so ahead, you’ll save yourself an enormous amount of time. This will give you a larger chunk of time to brainstorm for the following week. In addition, this will give you the chance to review and edit your posts.

3. Get personal.

The holidays pose a great opportunity to connect with your audience on a deeper level. Instead of posting a generic stock photo, post something personal. Share a photo of a holiday tradition, your Christmas tree, or the festive Christmas lights in your neighborhood. If you’re having a company holiday party, snap some pictures and share them on Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat. A quick Facebook photo or Instagram video can be a great way to reach out to your audience.

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