3 Tips To Successfully Implement Change in Your Marketing

By Shelby Ballou

implementing change

When it comes to marketing, the only constant is change. It’s been years since the arrival of Facebook. Even still, the website is constantly evolving as the company tinkers with its algorithms.

And what about newer social media platforms, like Snapchat? And the uprise of Hulu and Netflix in place of cable TV? If these aren’t evidence that advertising is undergoing a huge shift, I don’t know what is.

How can you continue to deliver solid marketing results? Here are some key practices that will help you successfully implement change in your marketing.

Remove Constraints

Make sure that you’re ready to handle change by removing constraints that prevent you from moving forward. If you don’t have the ability to adapt, you’ll fall behind your competition.

In order to do this, thoroughly examine your processes and results in order to identify what changes need to be made. New technology has made it easier than ever to track analytics data. This information can tell you how effective your marketing strategy is. Don’t be afraid to be flexible and “move with the times”. A process that is resistant to change will hold you back from achieving better results for your clients.

Focus on the Big Picture

With any marketing trend, it’s important to pay attention to how it will impact your company as a whole. Your company’s goals should be the backbone of everything. While Snapchat may be the perfect advertising solution for a tech startup, it’s unlikely to be effective for a retirement home. Far too often, marketers will embrace a new trend without focusing on the big picture.

How do you avoid this common pitfall? Make sure you’re focused on the right goals. As you use your company’s goals to guide your marketing strategy, you can ensure new ideas will be appropriate and effective. 

Monitor Trends

Finally, any marketer who wants to be successful needs to monitor the latest industry trends. This requires a bit more time and dedication than simply skimming the web. An alert marketer should be on the lookout for new tools and resources that make it easier to create effective messaging and reach target audiences.

Set aside time each week to conduct industry research. Dive deep into marketing blogs and investigate new marketing apps and tools. As you do this, you’ll be better equipped for new marketing technology. .


The world of marketing will continue to change rapidly. But as you remove the constraints that keep you from smoothly adapting, you’ll put yourself in a position to make great decisions moving forward.

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