4 Simple Ways to Boost Sales with LinkedIn Scott Le Roy Marketing

It’s well-known that LinkedIn is one of the most prominent networking tools. Through LinkedIn, business owners have the potential to connect with influential leaders in their field as well as potential customers.

Since this tool is a vital platform to grow your brand, it’s important to establish meaningful connections with your target market. Fostering relationships with your customers can lead to an increase in leads, opportunities and sales.

Here are four simple ways to boost sales with LinkedIn:

1. Craft your advertising plan.

Plan to utilize paid advertising on LinkedIn, regardless of whether or not your budget allows for advertising at the moment. Their paid advertising is built with features that ignite faster growth than their InMail messaging program.

2. Nurture your network.

Now that you’ve established connections, make sure you’re regularly bringing new items to the table. These items can include special events, new information or updates on your brand. This is a great time to use InMail to reach out to your connections by providing helpful information in a non-sales approach.

3. Be active in LinkedIn groups.

Joining professional groups allows you to establish new connections that are within your field of expertise. It’s here that you can build trust among the group members by offering your advice and sharing industry news and articles that may interest them. Keep in mind that this is not a place to advertise your brand; it’s solely for establishing and building connections.

4. Post daily.

Posting articles daily are key, whether’s it’s a repurposed article from your blog on LinkedIn Publisher or a post from your website. The chance of future customers being directly linked to your products and services on your website will be much higher. Try to include an attention-grabbing headline and description to attract the most feedback.

With these four easy ways, you’re well on your way to build trusted and genuine relationships that will eventually become your customers.

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