simple social media tips

Social media is a wonderful tool for real estate marketers. More than 75% of home buyers want to see photographs of available properties on the web. Social media is a fantastic tool for bringing exposure to these properties.

If you want your listings to get more attention, follow these four simple social media tips!

1. Use Facebook.

Over 90% of social media traffic for real estate agents begins on Facebook. It’s the best existing source for online lead generation. The best way to marketing your listing is with crisp images and descriptive text. Images capture attention, and compelling content will seal the deal.

2. Brag about the location.

Location is usually the most important factor for home buyers. If you want your properties to sell, make the neighborhood sound amazing. Highlight nearby amenities, school districts, local events, and other appealing features of the area. Target the audience you’re trying to attract. If the area is swarming with millennials, point out popular night clubs, restaurants, and coffee shops. If the area is residential, point out family-friendly locations, like parks and museums.

3. Post blogs.

Make sure to follow the 80/20 rule. Post 80% of the time about listings and 20% of the time about yourself and your blog content. If you regularly share your blog content, you’ll generate leads among those who are interested in buying or selling. Remember to be creative with your content. You want to produce interesting blog posts that are also informative and useful.

4. Rely on geo-targeting.

Geo-targeting is a Facebook tool that promotes posts, listings, and advertisements according to the audience’s geographic location. This basically means that properties listed in Chicago will show up for people in Chicago, not Seattle. Go-targeting is an extremely effective tool for connecting the right people with the right real estate agents. Use this feature to make sure the right people stumble upon your property listings.

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