Running Your Company’s Social Media? 4 Tips For Success

By Shelby Ballou

Are you trying to figure out how to run an effective social media program for your business? You’ve come to the right place. Here are five quick tips that will help you establish a successful social media strategy.

1. Keep it short and sweet.

When it comes to social media, less is more. Make sure your titles are catchy, your post blurbs are enticing, and your tweets are packed with a real punch. The last thing your audience wants is to read several paragraphs of fluffy content before following a link to get to the real content.

2. Know how to engage your followers.

Ask questions, and use trending hashtags. Only include a maximum of three hashtags, or your posts will look messy and cluttered.

A few additional pointers…

  • Don’t be overly loud (avoid all caps and tons of exclamation points).
  • Don’t congratulate or point out top engagers. This will make engagement feel like a contest instead of a natural, organic conversation.
  • Don’t send new followers automatic messages of gratitude. Save personal messages for things that really matter. They’ll mean more.

3. Quotes and images are key.

Images should be a key element of your social media strategy. If you don’t have the budget to pay for Shutterstock or Getty, utilize free websites that offer non-copyrighted images. Some examples are Pexels, Pixabay, Unsplash, Free Images, and Foter. And don’t forget that you can turn quotes into visual, artistic images. With websites like Canva, you can make a beautiful quote card quickly and easily.

4. Grow your follower base.

The primary goal of your social media strategy is to expand your audience. However, organic growth can be slow and tedious. So, what’s the best way to grow your follow base? Look at who is following your competitors on Twitter, and follow their followers. Every few weeks, go through and unfollow those who haven’t followed you back. It’s quick, easy, and extremely effective. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram are more complicated, though. The golden rule of posting to these social media platforms is to create and share valuable content. If you find your content interesting and exciting, chances are, other people will, too.

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