Digital marketing methods to use now.

It’s more important than ever to stay in the fast lane that is digital marketing. If you’re still mastering your marketing methods, that’s okay. However, don’t wait a moment longer to get fantastic results for your business!

1. Go Mobile or Go Home. ZenithOptimedia reported that around 71 percent of Internet consumption is from our fingertips—on our mobile devices. To unravel that percentage, the report states that an average of 86 minutes are spent on mobile Internet versus the 36 minutes spent while on desktop Internet. To ensure your website is mobile-friendly, use responsive design, which essentially modifies the pages of your website by “responding” to the size of users’ mobile screens.

2. Embrace Local. No, this isn’t a shout out to support your local farmers (though, that’s not a bad idea). The key to success in modern marketing is to optimize your local search engine. Did you know that in 2015 more searches were conducted on a mobile device than desktop computers for the first time? Many of these searches are done while users are on the go in search of a local business. Get brownie points from Google when your websites are optimized for local searches. Small businesses, especially, benefit from local search engine optimization (LSEO) since those on-the-go searchers are targeting them. Drive your LSEO by claiming your business on local search directories, making sure your business’s information (name, address and phone number) exactly match your ‘Google My Business’ listing, business website and local search directories. A simple variance, such as ‘Ave.’ in lieu of ‘Avenue’ can finagle LSEO success.

3. Email Marketing Still Reigns. A study by Kahuna found that 86 percent of all emails are being opened on mobile devices. Marketers and business owners must utilize this key marketing tool wisely by including ample white space for users to easily click around within the email. In addition, keeping the format to a single column also ensures user-friendly emails.

4. Join the video crowd. As you learned in a previous post, videos are the hottest digital marketing tool and vital for growing your business. The 2016 Social Media Marketing Industry Report found that six out of 10 marketers are using video to market their businesses, with 73 percent planning to incorporate video in the next year. By posting your video on YouTube and on your website, you have the potential to reach a wider, more versatile audience.

5. Facebook. Still Hot. More than just a way to keep up with your classmates and their children, Facebook continues to lead the charge in social networking. Pew Research Center reported in 2015 that among internet users, 72 percent use Facebook. Marketers are using the platform as it allows them to create effective ads while guiding them to hone in on their target audiences. In addition, the free analytics tools allow marketers to view ad results allowing for opportunities to fine-tune them.

Original post by Small Business Trends