The 5-Ingredient Recipe for a Successful Holiday Marketing Campaign Scott Le Roy Marketing

Tis the season for all things pumpkin-scented and decorations galore. It’s also the perfect time to fine-tune your holiday marketing, more specifically with social advertising. From being creative to knowing how to adhere to your budget, this recipe will help ensure a successful holiday social advertising campaign.

Here are the 5 ingredients to a thriving holiday marketing campaign:

Ingredient #1: Advertising budget

While we all dream of unlimited budgets the capacity of Santa’s sleigh, that’s just not the case.  It’s important to designate start and end dates for your online ads. This is especially important since companies often limit the budget for marketing. Running an online ad without an end date is not the best idea, as it runs your bills high without you knowing. In addition to controlling your costs, you can calculate ROI more easily when the campaign is over. Budgeting also benefits you so you can see how social advertising measures to traditional advertising.

Ingredient #2: Creativity

Roll your sleeves up and get the creative juices flowing for your holiday marking campaign. This is the time of year where you’ve got to step out of the box to stick out among the popular Macy’s and Target ads. If you think back on popular ads, such as the polar bears kissing in the Coca-Cola ad, they all have a defining character, tune or image that sticks with you. Keep this creative component in mind when developing your campaign.

Ingredient #3: Audience

The key to reaching your audience is knowing them—their thoughts, how they speak, etc. For instance, how you’d phrase an ad to reach teens is much different compared to how you’d deliver a message to an older generation. In addition to knowing the demographics of your audience, consider their interests and who they will interact with in order to create the most successful campaigns.

Ingredient #4: Target your audience

After you’ve narrowed down your audience, it’s time to target them using social media platforms. Platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, are fantastic tools for helping you in three key areas:

  • Increased efficiency with your budget
  • Directly reach your audience
  • Maintain your campaign goals
  • Stick out among competitors

Ingredient #5: Ad performance

Keep up with the performance of your ad campaigns. By doing this throughout its duration, you can figure out how to maintain its success. When you track your ad performance, you’ll see what wording and images work best, your ROI and how well you’re using your advertising dollars.

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