Both brand new businesses and reputable corporate companies have one thing in common: They need an expert logo design. The logo you choose becomes the face of your brand. It displays on your website, brochures, business cards, and social media profiles. If you slip up, you jeopardize the growth of your brand. Our digital marketing professionals have compiled five tips that will help you design and choose an attractive logo.

Keep it unique.

If you’re contemplating using free clip art, remember that it’s available to everyone on the web. While the clip art may look fantastic on your logo, your excitement will quickly turn to irritation when you see another business logo with the same exact art.

Simple is always better.

The combination of a simple logo with an appealing color scheme and paired lettering is memorable and easy to recognize. A complex piece of artwork may be aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but it’s not as easy to remember.

Size matters.

Your new logo will need to be reproduced in various sizes, particularly on the small side. Intricate logos can become fuzzy when reproduced as a tiny image, like on a business card. Think of your logo as a very large image, like a billboard, as well. Will it be attractive at that size? Knowing how your logo is going to be used, both in size and media type, can help your designer create an appropriate logo.

Stay relevant to your niche.

If your business provides IT solutions to your clients, don’t choose a logo that has nothing to do with your line of business. Make sure your logo is relevant to your industry and company name and mission. The Apple is a great example.

Be timeless and classic.

What is trendy and popular today will be considered a fad a few years down the line. To avoid an embarrassing mistake and a total rebranding ten years from now, make sure your logo is classic and timeless. To achieve this, aim for a simplistic design concept.

Hire help.

You might have fallen in love with a five-color, intricate logo design, but an industry expert can subtly redirect you to a three-color, simpler look. Hiring a firm to handle the logo design is vital in supporting the longevity of your brand. Sure, you’ll have to pay more now, but you plan to be in business for the long haul, right? The sleek logo you choose will define your brand and be with you for years.

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