5 Reasons Why a Blog is Crucial for Your Business

By Anne Leonard

5 Reasons Why a Blog is Crucial for Your Business Scott Le Roy Marketing Blog

Your business’ blog is one of the most crucial marketing tools you can possess. Maintaining a blog is no cake walk, but it is central to organic growth within your site.

Here are 5 reasons why blogging is key to business growth:

You can answer readers’ questions.

Where do people begin their search when they encounter a problem or need general information? Whether it be designing a home or looking for a real estate agent, the web is often where the search begins, and your blogs could provide those answers.

Credibility drives conversions.

Going hand-in-hand with reason No. 1, when your blogs contain accurate, well-researched information, you can then deliver a call-to-action. Since you proved to readers that you are trustworthy, a call-to-action will lead them to download more of your content and become a converted customer.

Fresh content attracts Google’s attention.

Google and other search engines are drawn to fresh, unique content that’s posted regularly. Posting two to three new, diverse blog posts will get search engines’ attention, which will inevitably increase the amount of readers whom can search for your posts.

Comment sections increase on-site engagement.

Enabling comment sections within your blogs are the best way to create engagement within your website. While it is crucial to use social media platforms, blogging on your site adds another dimension of engagement. As readers comment, make sure to respond and answer all questions or concerns to keep your engagement levels high.

Blogs are budget-friendly.

The best thing about blogs is that they are very inexpensive to maintain. By contracting freelance writers or allocating responsibilities to existing employees, the expense is quite minimal and manageable.

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