Remember that less can sometimes be more. Here are some “less is more” strategies that are useful in digital marketing.

1. Set the precedent: Apple’s minimalism movement wins.

The standard has been set in terms of design, product, and messaging. The marriage of boldness and simplicity has changed the digital marketing game forever. The most successful and iconic brands of the day — Apple, Uber, Nike, Google — all market using bold strategies that say very little. Their success is due to creating massive channels of advocates, as well as their ability to brand an instantly recognizable image or slogan that instills particular values.

2. No one really reads, they digitally skim.

The way people absorb information has evolved. Most people want information quickly and easily. Bursts of information that can effectively summarize the message you are trying to get across can be far more effective than a lengthy document.

3. Get to the info fast.

Company websites are often filled with endless noise. Marketers can fall into the habit of having a bunch of words all over their website, when in actuality, very little of it makes a genuine impact.  Marketers need to get their point across as soon as they can through highly relevant phrases or words. The right content can make a difference.

4. Get advocates to spread your message.  

Create content that people are going to share with their friends on social media sites.

Be sure to say what you need to say quickly and effectively. Your content has to be able to stand on its own legs, and at the same time, be exciting so it can essentially market itself.

Create a meaningful message that people will want to spread.

5. Tell a story.

Tell a story that revolves around a product or service. Create a message that stays with the audience and engages/impacts the audience emotionally. Get your team to start sharing it, and then others will follow.