5 Foolproof Tips for Building Your Brand on Instagram

By Anne Leonard

5 Foolproof Tips for Building Your Brand on Instagram Scott Le Roy Marketing Blog

Since Instagram’s launch in 2010, the app now has over 70o million users. This is why it’s more important now than ever to be building your brand on Instagram.

However, building a successful brand isn’t easy and will not happen overnight. Here are five foolproof tips you can use in order to build your brand successfully on Instagram.

1. Craft your bio section wisely.

Your bio is the only place you can share clickable links. Here, you can insert your website. You can also change out the link to relate to the latest promotions and events. In addition, write an intriguing and eye-catching bio that’s short and sweet! Since you only have the space for a couple sentences, it’s crucial to personalize your bio as much as you can. This means using emojis, a unique hashtag . . . you name it!

2. Produce compelling content.

Now that you have a catchy bio, it’s time to produce compelling content to accompany. Before you post your photo and caption, ask yourself if your audience can connect with the content. Does it evoke emotion? Does it tell a story? Will it prompt responses? These are key questions to ask yourself to ensure that you’re producing content that will engage your audience. Captions might include questions, motivational quotes or your brand’s latest promotion!

3. Use hashtags, but don’t go overboard.

Did you know that posts with more than five hashtags have much less engagement? While hashtags are nifty for reaching a greater audience via keywords, there is such a thing as too many in a single post. Your brand’s hashtags should be specific and relevant. For instance, your key hashtags could include your slogan, location and brand name for starters.

4. Engage with your competitor’s audience.

Commenting, liking photos and even following the followers of your competitor can benefit your brand’s account. Since they have an interest in your competitor’s account, they’ll likely take an interest in yours as well. Begin by following them, commenting and liking their photos, then repeat with other accounts if the response is reciprocated.

5. Team up with a micro-influencer.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, micro-influencers are essentially individuals who are popular in their industry and will recommend products or services in order to spread the word for businesses. A study found that over 80 percent of consumers would trust the recommendation of a micro-influencer. Are you convinced yet? First, hire a micro-influencer within your industry. Then, suggest for them include a shout in their caption to follow your account! This allows for more exposure to your brand and, in turn, you’ll quickly gain new followers.

Most importantly, Instagram success takes extra legwork. Be patient with these tips, and soon you will find that your followers will become your customers!

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