5 Tips to Create an Effective Social Media Campaign

By Shelby Ballou

social media campaign

Social media is extremely important to business growth. According to Hubspot, over 90% of all marketers said their social media efforts have generated more exposure for their businesses, while over 80% of marketers said their social media efforts increased traffic. With these statistics, it’s very clear that social media is essential to your business plan. Here are five tips to create an effective social media campaign.

1. Time your posts right.

It doesn’t matter how fantastic your ads are or how great you treat your customers. Timing is everything, or your social media campaign will fail. You’ll probably have to post at random times over a short period and observe what times people engage with you more often. You can also follow trends discovered by various studies. For instance, women tend to browse Instagram late at night, so 11:00pm is an ideal time to promote a product for young women.

2. Choose the right platform.

Every social media platform presents different benefits. Instagram is wonderful for businesses that have clear, crisp photos they want to post. Facebook, on the other hand, has more room for text and lengthy stories or explanations. Twitter limits you to 140 characters, but it can round up a huge audience quickly. Choose your platforms wisely, depending on your business needs.

3. Use email.

Email is still relevant. According to a survey by Exact Target, more than 90% of consumers check their email every day. You can easily utilize your social media page to offer incentives for customers to join an email list. For instance, you can provide a sign-up form on your website or on Facebook.

4. Amplify your most vocal supporters.

Recommendations are everything. Get advocates from your most loyal and vocal supporters and amplify their positivity through your social media handles. If you can get the support of a community that trusts your brand, there’s a lot more credibility than trying to convince people yourself.

5. Be unique.

Customers face dozens of marketing advertisements and messages every day, so you need to create fresh content and stand out. The best content creates a powerful experience for the consumer. Customers might forget what you said, but they won’t forget how you made them feel.

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