4 Tips to Engage Your Social Media Followers Scott Le Roy Marketing

Nowadays, knowing how to engage the social media world can be a tough trail to navigate. Among the viral videos, memes and articles, how do you make your business stand out? Gain loyal followers by considering your audience, creating a thoughtful dialogue and linking to other helpful, interesting articles to set your business apart from the rest. With these four quick tips, you’ll be on your way to better engaging your social media followers.

1. Know Your Audience

Begin by targeting your demographics. Clothing brands, for instance, will benefit by using more image-based platforms. Restaurant owners, food bloggers and chefs may want to consider the Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook route as well. Doing so will cater to this visually stimulated audience as you share products, new dishes and food styling methods. On the other hand, real estate agents might want to blog and share helpful tidbits about the areas they cover, real estate tips and fun local events. Though, these can also be shared on other platforms.

2. Publish Your Highlights

Did you gain a new office? Share the new location with your followers. Who’s the employee of the month? Let your followers know. You can also share new products as well as upcoming business events. As you share more posts that reveal your business behind the scenes, your brand will be simultaneously building, too.

3. Create a Conversation

Share news stories that relate to your industry, then ask a question to get your followers thinking. While you’re at it, respond to them to create an open dialogue, which lets them know you care about what they have to say. This is a great way to broaden your audience, and again, hone in on them on a more personal level.

4. Continue to Engage

Once you’re on a roll, you know what kinds of methods, photos and links will work for your audience—and it doesn’t stop there. The key to engaging your social media followers boils down to this: just keep engaging. Continue producing fresh, relevant, unique content. Post the perfect balance of personal brand posts and insightful articles.

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