protect yourself and your business online

In this day and age, it’s frighteningly easy to accidentally overshare on social media and put yourself in danger. Here are five ways you can protect yourself and your business online.

Remember that what you post can live forever.

Unfortunately, nothing online is ever truly deleted. Thanks to screenshots, deleting something on your end doesn’t mean it’s been permanently deleted everywhere on the web. Never impulsively post anything to social media. Have someone review content before it goes live, if possible.

Beware of hackers.

Hackers are dangerous, and they’re real! They might pretend to be legitimate individuals and attempt to infect your business network with malware. If you or one of your employees clicks on a sketchy link, malware can give hackers access to any sensitive information you store.

Don’t share too much.

Your Location: Make sure you’re not sharing your location with the public as you travel from place to place. This can increase your business’ risk of burglary.

Your Photos: Avoid sharing personal photos that could potentially compromise your children, friends, or family members. Be sure to get permission from anyone in your photos before posting them to the web.

Don’t blur the lines between personal and business.

It’s not smart to mix business with pleasure. Refrain from linking your personal and business social media accounts. This might encourage business clients to snoop around your personal sites, and they may discover more than you bargained for. Use your privacy settings to make sure people have to be approved to see your private accounts.

Make sure your employees follow online security practices.

Implement proper security practices to protect your sensitive business data, and make sure all of your employees adhere to these security practices. All it takes is one slip-up to compromise important information.

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