5 Ways to Create High-Ranking Content

By Anne Leonard

Creating high-ranking content for your audience requires time, commitment and strategy. Though, this is easier said than done.

When done correctly, high-ranking content should prompt engagement and build loyalty among your customers.

Here are five ways to create high-ranking content:

1. Prioritize value and education

You audience craves valuable information. Experts say that this is best executed when you collect information that’s important to them. For instance, share job listings or events that are related to your industry. While it sounds easy, this step will need to be a regular habit in order to build your audience. One thing’s for certain, high-ranking content doesn’t happen overnight.

2. Infographics

Consumers love imagery, and infographics are a way to simplify information and data into visually appealing content. Infographics are diverse because you can catch the attention of your audience in a way that blog posts cannot on their own. They’re also quicker to read, which is a plus for those looking for instant information. So what does that mean as you’re vying for ranking content? Experts say that infographics are SEO powerhouses and will cause your web traffic to greatly increase.

3. Lists

Like infographics, lists are another approachable way for your audience to process your content. The great thing is that ideas for lists can run far and wide! You could compile a list of helpful resources within your industry. For a food-related industry, you may compile a list of the 10 best kitchen utensils on the market, for instance. Lists of industry-relevant items are key to reeling in rankings.

4. Interviews

Do you know a prominent leader in your industry? Reach out to them for their expertise. Think of thought-provoking questions that will produce interesting content. Questions can include topics such as their expertise as well as relevant topics to your industry. Not only does this create a dialogue between you and your audience, but you can also pose the opportunity for them to submit questions to encourage further participation.

5. Visual content

You can boost your content by including your own photos or images. Studies show that tweets with photos generate up to 150 percent more retweets than those without photos. Not a professional photographer? Apps and online tools simplify the photo editing process for you to create high-quality, attractive content.

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