5 Ways to Improve Your Content Development

By Shelby Ballou

content development

Content is king. Unfortunately, many companies produce ineffective content and waste millions of dollars in the process.

Here are five tips to help you improve your content development process.

1) Establish Content Development Roles

You need to assign specific roles to every member of your content development team. Make sure you assign each of the roles below.

Content Strategist – This professional will be in charge of creating an editorial calendar and determining which content should be used to reach your audience.

Idea Contributors – An idea contributor will provide interesting ideas that make your content unique.

Content Creators – This role includes the designers, writers, and photographers/videographers who create your content.

Content Editors – These experts check your content’s grammar and polish each piece to perfection.

Content Promoters – These guys use social media to increase your traffic.

Community Managers – These professionals monitor the buzz around your content and respond to comments.

Content Analyst – This team member analyzes the statistics behind each piece to make sure your content contributes to your goals.

2) Plan Content Development in Advance

The best content development teams plan a month in advance. That way, they can stay ahead of the game. Your content development plan should include blog post outlines, emails, content, landing pages, social media posts, and videos. Make sure your content is approved by stakeholders and contributes to your goals.

3) Decide on a Communication Tool Other Than Email

Email can be slow and distracting. Luckily, there are many project management tools that encourage more effective communication between team members. You can even decide on a chat tool that allows team members to communicate.

4) Keep the Approval Process Simple

Content creators should pass along their work to the editors with plenty of time so the work can be polished and approved. However, approval usually takes a good chunk of time, especially if stakeholders are involved. One way to simplify the approval process is entrusting the entire team with the process.

5) Analyze the Performance of Each Post

Once a month, make sure to analyze how the posts you’ve planned and published have fared with the audience. This means constantly monitoring the performance of the content until new content replaces it.

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