5 Ways to Manage Your Online Reputation

By Shelby Ballou

online reputation management

A brand’s reputation is important for several reasons. It can have a large impact on company finances. According to a recent report, corporate reputation is worth four to five percent of a company’s annual sales. Here are five ways to effectively manage your online reputation.

1) Blogging and social media
Blogging and social media provide a guaranteed method of communication with consumers and a platform for self-promotion. Social media accounts should be updated on a daily basis. Each company should decide which social media platforms are necessary, as each one serves a different purpose. LinkedIn is used for professional networking, whereas Facebook is used more for consumer interaction.

2) Social media monitoring
It’s essential to monitor social media. One negative review or comment can rapidly spiral into hundreds, so its smart to have a designated person to handle all complaints. This employee needs to be knowledgeable about disclosure requirements and understand what’s appropriate to post on social media.

3) An active PR strategy
Creating a PR strategy can help overcome any negative online comments. By planning a PR strategy ahead of time, you’ll know what to do if your online reputation starts to dwindle.

4) Maintaining positive search results
Online reviews can make or break a business, and search engine results highlight this. In retail, search engines largely influence a consumer’s shopping habits. 44% of online shopping now begins with a search engine. Because of this, it’s important that search engine results showcase your brand positively.

5) Maintaining personal reputations
Executives can have a huge influence on a company’s online reputation. Management teams should act as role models for your company. Executives should ensure personal profiles are private and do not disclose any personal information or photos that could risk the company’s reputation. Last but not least, management should always encourage employees to act with integrity online.

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