With the holidays approaching, businesses are juicing up their email marketing campaigns and deciding which tactics they’ll use to appeal to consumers. Shoppers spend significantly more this time of year, and companies can use that fact to their advantage. Here are five ways your business can boost sales with email marketing this holiday season.

1. Cater to your audience.

Each customer is different, and they all signed up for your email list for different reasons. So, if you’re sending the exact same content to all your subscribers, you’re not catering to their specific interests. Segment the leads in your email list so you know which content to provide to each subscriber. Targeted personalization increases customer engagement, and sending relevant emails is a guaranteed way to drive sales over the holidays.

There are several ways to go about segmenting you email list. When they subscribe, you can ask what type of content they prefer to see. You can also send out an email blast inquiring what they’d like to see from your holiday campaign. You can segment according to interests, past purchases, most viewed content, location, and the items in their abandoned cart. These are just a few examples. Get creative!

2. Promote exclusive deals.

Who doesn’t love a good deal? With the abundance of holiday spending, consumers are thrilled to find special offers that help them save some cash. Because of this, it’s a good idea to promote brand deals in your holiday emails. Exclusive campaigns typically generate more sales, and they also make your customers feel special.

3. Make sure your message is concise.

Stay simple and to the point. Don’t promote several different sales at once. This will confuse your subscribers and leave them hesitant to make a purchase. Focus on one promotion; make the design bold, clean, and simple; and watch as the sales roll in.

4. Plan themes.

Your look must match your content. If your graphic design looks exactly the same as your regular email content, subscribers won’t know you’re promoting a holiday deal. This is why themes are important. If you’re having a Black Friday sale, sprinkle in some Thanksgiving elements to make the intention obvious. However, it’s important to do this whole also staying true to your values. Make sure your themes align with your brand image, language, and voice.

5. Create a contingency plan.

Even the most thought-out plans sometimes go awry. Plan for the worst case scenario (your offer tanks or does much better than expected, your email contains an error, there’s a technical site issue) and create a contingency plan. This will save you a huge headache if something unplanned occurs.