5 Ways to Grow Your Business With Facebook

By Shelby Ballou


If you’re brand new to digital marketing and using social media to expand and grow your business, you might be wondering how to use Facebook to your advantage. In today’s day and age, utilizing Facebook is essential for business growth. It’s a great way to market your company, and interest in your product or service is almost guaranteed to skyrocket.

So, how do you make sure you’re using Facebook the right way? Here are 5 tips and tricks to grow your business with Facebook.

  1. Valuable content + Engagement = Success.
    If you want to grow your business with Facebook, you have to constantly add valuable content and engagement to your Facebook page. After you’ve created your UNIQUE and VALUABLE content, you need to broadcast that content to a supportive community. And once your content is live on your Facebook page, you need to interact with your audience by responding to/liking comments, asking engaging questions, and making connections with your fans/customers.
  2. Offer occasional freebies.
    Everybody loves freebies. Take advantage of this! If your business is a retail clothing company, offer a free t-shirt with your brand’s logo to the first person who comments on the post. If you’re a graphic design company trying to build your clientele, offer a free, simple logo design to the first 10 people who like your page or share your page. Whatever your business does, offer small freebies to help build your audience and spread the word.
  3. Hold a contest.
    This is similar to offering freebies, but with an additional twist. Freebies are usually low-value products or services. When holding a contest, however, the prize should be a high-value product or service. If you’re a photographer, the freebie might be a camera bag. If you’re holding a Facebook contest, however, the prize might be a full portrait session in the location of your choice. See the difference? Facebook contests have the potential to quickly and rapidly grow your audience, especially if you require people to share your page in order to be entered into the contest.
  4. Offer discounts.
    You can easily draw people to your page by offering a discount code in exchange for a “like”. Whether you offer apparel, consulting services, jewelry, wellness coaching, health products, videography, or handmade bags, it’s beneficial to offer a 10% discount code to new fans. If they like your product or service, they’ll most likely become a loyal customer!
  5. Boost your posts.
    Boosted posts appear higher in News Feed, so there’s a better chance your audience will see them. When you boost a post, you can choose either “People who like your page and their friends”, or “People you choose through targeting”. You’ll also be able to set your budget. You can spend either $5 or $500. The choice is yours. Generally, the second choice (“People you choose through targeting”) is better. By targeting specific groups of people, you can choose people who are likely to be interested in your product or service.

And there you have it! By using the above 5 tips and tricks, you’ll be on your way to having a thriving Facebook page for your business in no time.