Everything you put out into the world takes time to create. Whether it’s a blog post, a podcast, informative video, or other forms of media, content creators spend hours to days crafting their content. Wouldn’t it be great if you could take your content and repurpose it over and over again to get the most bang for your buck? Good news: you can! Here are 5 ways to repurpose content to your target audience.

Write an Article

Arguably the first way to get your content out into the digital world, articles are important. They give readers/consumers an organized way to digest your information and allow them to go back and revisit the content over and over again. If you currently don’t have a blog section on your website, consider it as a business goal for 2020. Articles are also one of the easiest to share across social medias or with friends. Copying the link to post on your personal pages or including the link in a text message makes sharing simple.

Make it Audible

Whether it’s a YouTube video, Facebook live, or podcast, people love to watch and listen. It’s helpful for consumers to press play and listen to content as they’re getting ready for their day, driving to work, or cleaning the house.  

Email Your Subscribers

Are you currently sending a weekly or monthly email to your subscribers? If so, include your latest video or article via a backlink. Give some background as to what the content is about, and maybe even include a quote. This can almost be considered a teaser to your audience. 

Create a Social Media Post

Pick one takeaway from your content and post it across all your social media platforms. You could create a graphic to stir up some traffic or even cut part of the video to post for your followers. This is a great way to get your audience to share your content! Make sure to include a link to the full article or video, or direct your followers to where they can find the link. 

Update Your FAQs

Many times the content you post is to inform your audience. Do you find the content you’re speaking into is part of a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs)? Great! Add a short summary of your specific topic to the list. This will make your life and your consumer’s life easier to have a quick go-to answer.

Bonus Tip: Every time you repurpose your content, make sure to use backlinks. Link to the other platforms where your original content was posted or to another platform where you speak on the same topic you’re currently engaging in.


Ultimately, you need to pay close attention to see what most attracts your audience. Look at the comments and shares from the engagement of your audience and hone in on what the number one takeaway. From here, you can now use this specific detail to go deeper for your customers. Write and expand on this tidbit and then remember to repurpose your new content.

There’s no better time than the new year to expand your business goals. What’s your favorite way to repurpose your content?