5 Easy Ways to Use Facebook for Your Small Business

By Shelby Ballou

Many businesses use Facebook as one of their main forms of digital marketing. Here are five easy ways to promote your product or service on this massive global platform!

Pinpoint Your Target Market

If you are on a budget, Facebook can help you analyze your target market. The Facebook Insights system provides relevant demographic data, but you can also gather a lot of information from your visitors. Without spending a fortune, you can gain valuable feedback from users. Feedback will help you market your product or service.

Easy Updates

You can easily update existing and potential clients with current news. Use Facebook to announce new launches, special discounts and offers, or information about your store. This outreach will funnel directly to your target market.

Educate Your Customers

Facebook pages are useful when you want to reach a wider audience than your existing website visitors. Post photos and videos that showcase how to use your product or service. Then, ask for feedback. Interact with your customers and participate in the conversation.

Build a Community

It’s very simple to use Facebook to build a loyal customer base. People who use your product or service can easily turn into brand advocates and encourage others to invest in what your company has to offer.

Offer Incentives

Facebook users love discount codes and vouchers. Offer incentives to your loyal customers who continue to use your product or service. Make sure only they can use the discount code. Your customers will be rewarded as they continue to visit your website.

Facebook is a powerful business marketing tool. It can help build a loyal customer base for your company as well as pinpoint your target market for more effective advertising.