5 Ways to Use GIFs Strategically in Your Marketing Strategy

By Shelby Ballou


GIFs are a fun way to spice up an email message, a social media post, or a blog article. This applies to your company’s digital marketing strategy, too! Animated GIFs can easily express a feeling, an emotion, or a reaction that words cannot. These images offer an exciting way to communicate, and they can help connect you to various groups of people.

Why Use GIFs?

It might seem like a recent phenomenon, but animated GIFs have been around for ages.

They are starting to attract attention because they’re easy to enjoy and evoke an emotional response from viewers. Since text is often misinterpreted, GIFs provide a way to avoid misunderstandings.

How To Market with GIFs

Here are five ways you can use GIFs in your digital marketing strategy.

    1. Tell a story: Visual stories can be more compelling than words. For example, if you’re holding your annual pool party this summer – send a printed invitation or an e-invite, sure. But picture the invitation in GIF form: palm trees surrounding the pool, cocktails being made, flotation toys in the water, and a spread of fresh fruit on the patio. Watch the responses roll in.
    2. Promote a product or service: A GIF is a great way to show off awesome features of a new product or service. Because GIFs are easy to make, you can design different visuals to highlight individual features you want show off.
    3. Get creative with your website: High quality GIFs are becoming popular additions to websites. They can feature impressive photography or visuals that represent the brand.
    4. Use on social media channels: Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest now support GIFs. Instagram also offers Boomerang to create video loops. This format increases the possibility that your target audience will watch the GIF or share it with their circle.
    5. Involve your audience: Since consumers can easily make their own GIFs, try to involve your audience. Hold a contest for the best user-generated GIF that represents your company’s brand. This will encourage your audience to get creative, and it’s a great way to include them in your digital marketing strategy.

What to Consider Before Creating GIFs for Your Brand

Before you go GIF crazy, here are some things to consider.

  • Make sure any GIFs you use are visually appealing.
  • Contemplate if your product or service has a special feature that a GIF would enhance.
  • Figure out what kind of emotional response you want from your target audience.
  • Figure out if users will feel compelled to share your GIF.
  • Figure out how you will track data and which analytics tools you will use.

Once you’ve thought about these things, you’re ready to start implementing GIFs into your digital marketing strategy!

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