6 Instagram Marketing Tips to Help Grow Your Business

By Shelby Ballou

instagram marketing

It’s obvious that your business needs to be active on Instagram. In order to improve your Instagram marketing, you need to steadily increase your followers. After all, the more people that follow you on Instagram, the larger your audience.

Here are six Instagram marketing tips that will help you grow your business.

1. Use Instagram’s free tools.

Instagram just started to introduce business profiles, which is similar to Facebook’s business profiles. This feature includes a “contact’ call-to-action, allowing users to email, call or text the company. Business profiles also have analytics, which gives users access to engagement data.

2. Cross promote Instagram posts.

Want to add new Instagram followers that already love your company? Post across your other social media profiles, and invite them to follow your Instagram account. Since they’re already following you on social media, they’re obviously interested in your product or service.

3. Don’t overwhelm your audience.

You want to post often enough that your business stays relevant, but you don’t want to post so often that your followers are tempted to unfollow you. Unfortunately, there isn’t a magic formula that will work for every company. You need to test. As a starting point, try posting twice daily, alternating times of the day to find out when engagement increases. Then, experiment with more and less posts per day, paying attention to how engagement fluctuates. This will help you find your sweet spot.

4. Interact with followers.

If someone comments on one of your posts, reply and thank them. That simple engagement can create a loyal customer. Also, encourage your followers to interact with your posts. A simple, “Tag three of your friends that would love this!” can quickly put your brand in front of a larger audience and attract new followers.

5. Create an interactive hashtag.

Creating an interactive hashtag is a fantastic way to create engagement. This will encourage your followers to interact with your company. This will also result in free advertising, since your hashtag will spread.

6. Reuse relevant content from other accounts.

If you’re having a difficult time creating enough content to post, consider reusing relevant content from other Instagram accounts. Just make sure to credit the original source in the post by tagging their profile in your caption.

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