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iPhone apps are taking over the world. Alright, that’s a little bit of an extreme statement. But how often has it happened that you’re ranting to your technologically savvy friend, and they calmly reply, “You know … there’s an app for that.”

I’m sure we’ve all found ourselves in the chaos that is an overflow of little mismatched slips of paper, countless calendars (digital, on the wall, on our desks), post-its galore, etc. The list could go on for how many ways we try to keep track of our workdays and our lives, in general.

Here are 5 nifty iPhone apps to keep you on track during your workday:

SetMore Appointments

Cost: Free

Function: Appointment scheduler

The Scoop: This app’s online interface connects to your business calendar allowing your customers to see a real-time list of your available appointment times. No website for your business? No problem. SetMore has its own website to do the work for you and can even use social media sites, like Facebook, for booking purposes as well.

Fantastical 2

Cost: $1.99

Function: Calendar

The Scoop: Not a fan of default iPhone calendar? Then, Fantasical 2 is for you. This iPhone app is easy to use, allows you to view your events by day, week and month, but the neatest feature is the voice tool. For instance, tell Fantastical 2 to “Meet Bob at Starbucks at 3 p.m. on Thursday,” and the app will fill in all the blanks on your calendar and remind you as you get closer to your appointment. Easy peasy.

Schedule Planner

Cost: Free

Function: Day planner

The Scoop: This iPhone app essentially analyzes your list of daily responsibilities and assesses to see if you’re spending your time effectively. Once you input your tasks for the day, Schedule Planner will generate a chart so you can easily see where your time is going. In addition, customize your alerts, choose to have certain tasks repeat, and move around tasks with a simple cut-and-paste function.


Cost: Free

Function: To-do list

The Scoop: Experience the wondrous feeling of checking items off your list with ease. With the option to add tasks using Siri, you don’t even have to open Wunderlist. Location-based reminders are also a notable feature of this iPhone app.

Calendars 5

Cost: $6.99

Function: Smart calendar

The Scoop: Combining the best of both worlds of a personal assistant and a calendar, meet Calendars 5. This iPhone app offers much of the functionality offered in Fantastical 2, but you can also add appointments with a built-in voice tool. You’ll also appreciate the task manager as it keeps you on track with a digital to-do list.

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