content marketing trends

Digital marketing is a constantly-changing landscape. Because of this, digital media professionals must be cognizant of new trends, strategies, and platform features. Are you wondering what content marketing trends may be relevant in 2017? Read below to check out six predictions for content marketing in the coming year.

  1. Personalization. Marketers will increase the value of their content by tailoring it for specific audiences and niches. This means you’ll have to narrow down your target audience and create content specifically for them.
  2. Interactive Content. Marketers will create professionally designed content that is interactive and allows the audience to engage in it. Text heavy articles will fade away, and rich content with integrated video, GIFs, and photos will become more popular.
  3. Data Lead Content. Data will be the driving force in creating content that is proven to be of interest to an audience. Marketers will no longer simply guess at what sort of content their audience wants to read. They’ll analyze data and study analytics tools to get a feel for what their target audience actually wants to read and learn about. This way, marketers will know their content is going to be successful.
  4. Media Rich Content.  Content including videos, GIFs, and interactive tools will begin to appear as the audience’s expectations evolve. Internet users are devouring videos like wildfire in this day and age. It’s only natural that marketers should evolve their content to include video and other types of media in order to engage and interest their audience.
  5.  Splitting of Social and Content Media-  Social media will be split into visual and community focused areas, while content media will evolve at a quicker pace.
  6. Algorithims– Algorithms will play a bigger part in content. People can already see this coming to life in social media. Eventually, content algorithms will develop to help marketers know exactly what kind of content to create for their target audience.